Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy services provided include the following:

Hospital Discharge

The occupational therapist work collaboratively with hospital staff, the patient and their family to coordinate a safe and efficient transition from the hospital to the home environment, which includes a home safety assessment, prescribing assistive devices if necessary and arranging for transportation.

Occupational Therapy

Attendant Care Needs Assessment

An attendant care assessment is conducted to identify the personal care needs of an individual following a motor vehicle accident. The occupational therapist assists in arranging provision of an attendant care provider if necessary. This assessment can be conducted within a hospital and home environment.

Home Safety and Accessibility Assessment

This assessment is conducted to determine any environment barriers to the client’s safe return home. Assistive devices are order and installed in a timely manner based on the outcome of this assessment.

Assistive Devices Provision and Education

The occupational therapist makes recommendations for assistive devices and aides to assist the client is resuming their pre-accident activities in a safe manner, while providing education on the proper usage of each device to maximize independence.

Cognitive Assessment and Re-training

A client’s cognitive impairments are identified through an in home assessment, as well as the effects of the impairments on their ability to independence. Based on the assessment results, a comprehensive cognitive retraining program is generated which is carried out under the supervision of the occupational therapist. A collaborative, multidisciplinary approach is taken to understand the client’s cognitive impairments.

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