Custom Wrist Brace

Repetitive strain injuries can be healed with the help of wrist braces. You can support your wrist and hand while releasing the pressure from irritated tissues with a custom wrist brace in Mississauga.

Stretching out tight joints and other soft tissues is the purpose of the wrist braces offered by Integral Health Group. The braces can help increase joint motion when joint stiffness after a hand injury becomes a significant problem.


Why Choose Integral Health Group’s Custom Wrist Braces?

Personalized Fit

We recognize that every individual has unique wrist anatomy and requirements. Our custom wrist braces are tailored to your measurements and needs, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit.

Professional Expertise

Our team comprises experienced healthcare professionals specializing in orthotics and rehabilitation. We work closely with you to assess your condition and design a wrist brace that promotes healing and stability.

High-Quality Materials

We employ high-quality, breathable, lightweight, and long-lasting materials. Our wrist braces are designed to provide optimal support without compromising comfort or mobility.

Advanced Technology

Utilizing the most recent developments in orthotic design and manufacturing processes, we can produce custom wrist braces with exceptional functionality and performance.


Whether recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or seeking preventive care, our custom wrist braces can accommodate various needs and lifestyles.

Benefits of Using a Custom Wrist Brace

  • Pain Relief
  • Stability and Protection
  • Improved Functionality
  • Postural Support
  • Customized Rehabilitation

How to Get Started


Schedule a consultation with one of our experienced orthotic specialists. During this appointment, we’ll assess your condition, discuss your goals and preferences, and take measurements for your custom wrist brace.

Design and Fabrication

Using advanced 3D scanning technology and computer-aided design software, we’ll create a digital model of your wrist and design a custom brace that fits seamlessly and comfortably.

Fitting and Adjustment

Once your custom wrist brace is fabricated, we’ll ensure that it fits properly and make any required modifications to maximize comfort and efficiency.

Follow-Up Care

Our dedication to your health continues even after you receive your personalized wrist brace. We’ll provide ongoing support, monitoring, and adjustments as needed to ensure you experience your brace’s full benefits.

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