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Don’t let pain rule your life. The Integral Health Group has aided thousands of patients with a variety of aches and pains, including lower back pain, shoulder pain, and knee pain. We also specialize in providing relief for muscular and joint pain.

Our physiotherapy in Mississauga is affordable and our doctors stick with you all the way. Thousands have dropped into our physiotherapy clinic in Mississauga and not regretted it.

We provide comprehensive physiotherapy assessments to diagnose pain and the source of pain. We then give every client a personalized course of physiotherapy. Every patient is an individual and is treated as such.

Our physical rehabilitation center uses the latest treatments backed by solid scientific evidence. When you team up with us you know you’re getting the best possible treatments.

Our Services



They will give you personalized exercises and education about the body, how it moves, and how to prevent any injury from occurring or re-occurring.


Massage Therapy

Our qualified therapists are able to provide each patient with the most appropriate method in order to promote healing and decrease pain.


Chiropractic Services

Chiropractors have the ability to provide an appropriate treatment plan to complement the patient’s complaints.



Acupuncture involves the insertion of extremely thin needles through your skin at strategic points on your body.


Manual Therapy

Manual therapy (sometimes called bodywork) is a general term for treatment performed mostly with the hands. The goals of manual therapy include relaxation, decreased pain, and increased flexibility.


Custom Made Orthotics

Custom orthotics and footwear are orthopaedic devices specifically designed or modified for the individual to treat certain biomechanical foot disorders.


Compression Stocking Pressure

Medical grade compression stockings are unique in that they provide Graduated compression that is most of the squeeze or pressure is at the foot and the least amount is at the top of the stocking.


Therapeutic Ultrasound

Ultrasound is applied using a round-headed wand or probe that is put in direct contact with the patient’s skin.


Balance & Gait Treatment

Balance is the ability to maintain a certain center of gravity with minimal postural sway.

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Affordable Treatments with our Sports Injury Clinic in Mississauga

The Integral Health Group provides affordable treatments and financial aid at our sports injury clinic. We work with our clients to come up with a payment plan that works with them. Our doctors are sensitive and understanding. They’ll work with you to provide the best possible option.

Whether it’s in medical treatments or in helping to pay for medical treatments, we’re here for you.

Treatments that Last

Too often patients undergo therapy only to have the problem return repeatedly. We know how frustrating this can be. Our doctors don’t just focus on treatments that remove the pain. Our doctors go out of their way to ensure the pain doesn’t return.

It doesn’t matter if you desire to return to playing regular tennis or you just want to walk down the street comfortably, our treatments provide a permanent solution.


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At our online centre, you can gain access to all services provided by our health group. We offer online referrals and appointment scheduling. Book your consultation with just one click.

Our focus is our customers. Whether you have been involved in a motor vehicle or workplace accident, have had a sports injury, or are just looking to improve your overall health and well-being, our team can help.

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